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This is a celebratory blog for me. Exactly a year ago I was busy setting up my website and getting ready to trade.

My journey started when I realised that there was ‘no cure’ for my son’s autism. He seemed to be in constant discomfort with crying and meltdowns the order of the day. It soon dawned on me that it was up to me as his mother to change the status quo.

Research lead me to the discovery of a whole new way of thinking and looking at my son’s condition. Chemicals and other components were having an adverse effect on him. I changed his diet to a predominantly organic and natural one. In order to fully implement the change I decided to use natural / organic alternatives the whole family, but found that I was at times not impressed with the product quality and/or packaging.

Growing up my mum had always mixed creams and oils for us so I was open to making my own products. I looked around and attended several one day workshops, I was hooked and fell in love with formulating!! I wanted more and came across Formula Botanica then run by Star Khechara. I enrolled on my first course with Lorraine Dallmeier soon taking over, and as they say the rest is history.

The Organic Skincare Business equivalent to the Diploma in Organics Skincare Formulation course is a solid introduction leading all the way to how to utlimatley setting up you own skincare business and  is modular. I learnt the basics, skin structure and how what we put on our skin is absorbed. The correct foods to eat even recipes. It also explained the properties of oils and butters, their constituents and how to use them in skincare formulation. There were lots of recipes and exercises to build confidence . We also learnt about complying with EU regulations and how to launch and market your products.  I really enjoyed creating all the fabulous products. The course provided me with a solid base for setting my own business.

Armed with my qualifications and business start up skills, I went on to formulate my product range and launched last summer. The follow up and support from Lorraine and Formula Botanica has been exceptional, with regular updates and refreshers, Facebook Student and Graduate groups.

Today almost a year after it all became real I am celebrating a Gold Award for my Night Revitalising Cream from The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2015!

My beautiful baby… my son who was responsible for all this in the first place is strong healthy and starting High School this September and is also more content than before. I too am content as I write this Formula Botanica Review which marks this particular milestone in my journey as Mimi’s Organic skincare so far!


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