#Naturalskincare for face cream

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You get what you pay for, or do you?

Umm, sometimes. Works for plumbing supplies don’t buy a cheap facias and soffits. They will soon need replacing! This analogy probably applies to a number of other consumer products but for #naturalskincare? Not so much.


#Naturalskincare care product prices can vary greatly. I am sure we’ve all heard about £300 jars of cream? They are out there for people who live by the motto above. When one takes the time to enlighten themselves on how to interpret the product ingredient list the unfortunate truth becomes apparent. Ingredients are always listed in descending order by volume. This is a requirement that a great majority of #naturalskincare smaller brands follow.  A lot of the bigger brands however, never bother listing. Despite this being a Good Manufacturing Practice as detailed in REGULATION (EC) No 1223/2009 labeling requirement!

There are VERY expensive face creams, with a whole 1 ounce (28ml) selling for upto $739 (£533.00). I conducted a great piece of research. I was curious about these type of products. The containers appear to be the prize, beautiful heavy glass, shiny gold lid, and a stunning presentation box.

And the contents?

Errmm…., reading the ingredient list first, it was full of synthetic chemicals. The first ingredient in this very expensive product that is water (aqua),  shortly followed by mineral oil. Two of the cheapest of the cheap ingredients and for such a hefty price tag. Definitely not the products for me under any circumstances. I am an #organicskincare, #naturalskincare lass.


#Organic, #natural and #foodgrade ingredients offer superior benefits and are more #environmentallyfriendly and #biodegradable.

The actual experience of the cream will probably vary per individual, but not be very healthy for the skin with its rosehipssynthetic elements. I must say though, the jar was beautiful and could have been used as a great paper weight when empty!

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