Spring skincare: adapting your skincare regime for spring.

Just like you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring, It is time to consider the needs of your skin.
Go lighter. Heavier creams and body butters are more effective when humidity drops during the cooler winter months causing the skin to become drier. In spring and the coming summer months your skin increases production of natural oils as the heat and humidity rise .

This means that you need to change to lighter moisturising products which can include oils like apricot kernel and jojobo. Lotions, lighter or whipped body creams are a great alternative for the body.

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Sunscreen is a must, use daily. For darker beauties, more melanin does not protect you from UV ray skin damage. Adding some plant oils like raspberry (28 – 50 SPF), or carrot seed oil (40 SPF) increases sun blocking qualities to your normal lotions as an additional boost.

You can also incorporate sunscreen into your foundation for a two -pronged skin protection endeavour for your skin or can even be one of the ingredients in your foundation or as  one step combined with your moisturiser. Don’t forget to care for your lips by having protection in your lip balm too. You can even make your own.

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Give your beauty tools a spring clean too. Discard any make up that has been in use for up to six months. There is likely to be an accumulation of bacteria which can cause blockage of the pores.
Give your make up brushes and sponges a good wash too.

Bump up your exfoliation to at least twice a week to get rid of the dry winter skin.
A natural DIY Sugar scrub will do the trick. Combine sugar with any carrier oil sunflower or coconut will make a gentle natural scrub. Include the feet to make them summer ready for those sandals and slippers.

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Pamper Bath
Add moisturizing bath oils to your bath. Try almond, olive or apricot or avocado. Oatmeal is also a cracking exfoliate and will leave your skin smooth and moisturised.
Use a hydrating face masque. Choose from avocado and olive or coconut oil, banana with honey or yoghurt dependant on your skin type. Honey with oats make a great face mask too.
These tweaks compensate for the weather changes from cold to warmer etc. and keep your skin in top form.
To your health and beauty

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