How Mimi Got Into Organics.



I was helping my son Matthew now aged 12 with his morning routine the other day.

‘Blow your nose Matthew’ I said to him, and he blew.

‘Wipe the left side’ and he did. HE ACTUALLY WENT LEFT!

I felt a great sense of gratitude and pride in him as I thought of how far he had come.

Matthew was diagnosed with Autism at four and a half years of age. Delayed development meant that he was behind with all his with milestones, had very little speech, no eye contact or desire to communicate. People were like furniture to him. He loved ‘adjusting’ people into certain ‘poses’ as if setting the scenario in a play. Going to the Doctor’s surgery was a creative time for him because of the number of bodies in seats that he could ‘manipulate’.  School was also noticing certain tell-tale signs about the extent of his challenges.

At home he displayed a lot of repetitive, ritualistic, behaviour and would play differently with his toys, for example he would line up his toy cars and trucks in size or colour order rather than play with them in the conventional way. It was the same with jigsaw puzzles which he would arrange according to shape or size too.

He was particular (still is) about the order in which he dressed and undressed, laid his clothes out and his food is plated etc. he ate (still eats) a particular food item finishes it and moves to each in turn. We also had a no food ‘touching’ phase and still likes his things just so, just to name a few very usual autistic characteristics which helped to explain this bewildering behaviour at the time.

The flip side to all this was anxiety, sometimes very unpredictable behaviour and constant crying at particular times especially after meal times and from an early age he was always on one medication or other for his gut or allergies.

After this diagnosis I realised that I had to take control of the situation in order for him to have a better quality of life. Extensive research lead me down the organic, natural path.

I converted entirely clearing out all else and simply using organic and natural where possible  and soon saw the benefits through the improvement in my son’s temperament, health and increased engagement. The gut issue resolved itself to a large extent. Although he is still on the spectrum, he is a less anxious, happily growing child and now talks so much one would not have imagined he one day would, a short 5 years ago when it all started.

My passion for making cosmetics stemmed from the fact that I was not always happy with the quality of products available and decided to make my own. I fell completely in love with formulating and creating lots of different things and working with all manner of food grade ingredients.  This presented as a great business opportunity and gave me a sense of fulfillment whilst replacing my then abandoned hopes of a trailblazing career snuffed out by the demands of caring for two boys one of them autistic child.  I could be my own boss, and schedule work around my boys.

I skilled myself up. A huge amount of help came my way through many Angels that crossed my path in turn when I needed it. I enrolled in a fantastic school Formula Botanica which still supports me to this day. I have a fantastic designer Christine from the Art of Communication who I met when I was still figuring out a company name logo and branding!

My company name was inspired by my nick name coined by my older brother who could not pronounce my name when we were kids… so to family and friends I am Mimi.

I do not presume to be responsible for all that has happened to me and Mimi’s, but believe it is Divine Grace and Favour.

So after some nominations, making several shortlists (one award presentation/results pending); and an industry award for my Rejuvenating Night Cream, under my belt I feel ready to share what I have learnt and hope that I can be of some help to someone as I go forward. I am excited and look forward to a bright future fo Mimi’s.

In a nutshell……


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