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Neem is a centuries old remedy for skin problems, with properties that promote skin rejuvenation, reduce symptoms of aging and is ideal for acne prone skin. Neem is an antioxidant that boasts over 1000 characteristics some of which are currently being studieneemd. When combined with other natural ingredients Neem is an active ingredient in reducing spots, freckles and pigmentation of the skin, melisma (more prominent in darker skin types), psoriasis etc., anti-wrinkle, skin rejuvenating and also has preservative properties which will work with other natural organic ingredients to increase robustness and increase the shelf life of products.

We aim to promote our products as a natural organic alternatives to skin care products targeted for use to combat symptoms such as liver spots caused by UV rays, skin pigmentation and reduce skin dryness in darker skin tones that are still being sold in certain public markets and shops. We have created a product that has proved to be effective in its intended use. Mimi’s Organics skincare range is created using natural organic quality, ethically traded raw materials. All our ingredients are sourced from registered suppliers and have verifiable integrity of origin and safety.

Neem History and Traditional Uses

According to the Indian Academy of Science, neem is the most useful medicinal plant in India, and has been employed since antiquity to treat leprosy, parasitic infections and respiratory diseases. Neem extracts are also taken as a general tonic to prolong life. All parts of the tree are used medicinally; the bark, neem oil (which can be added to ready made creams and oils) is from the seeds, while juice is obtained from the leaves.

Constituents and Effects

Neem extracts contain limonoid triterpenes, including nimbin, salanin and azadirachtin., which provides peer-reviewed medical information for consumers, notes that all parts of the tree contain beta-sitosterol, an anti-inflammatory agent. Neem also contains amino acids, beneficial flavonoids and glycosides. The Indian Academy of Science asserts that neem features antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral qualities; it is also a potent antioxidant, helping to scavenge destructive free radicals. BSCAH notes that neem seed oil is rich in fatty acids. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that fatty acids have an emollient effect on skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines.


There is some scientific evidence supporting the belief that neem extracts protect against wrinkles. In a clinical study conducted by Esther Boelsma and colleagues and published in the May 2001 issue of “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” researchers found that fatty acids, which are found in neem, provided some protection against ultraviolet light, the cause of photoging.….

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