Oily skin and the myths that keep you oily!

Blemishes and blackheads are often associated with teenagers however, in reality though they can plague anyone; from puberty through to the older generations. Anyone who has oily skin will know the stress of having blackheads, blemishes, enlarged pores and a shiny complexion.

Those who have an oily skin type will know it can get worse with stress and in humid conditions; however there is also a lot of misinformation and myths around oily skin too, leading to further disappointment and a deeper wish to have a clearer complexion.

oily skinHere are the top three myths associated with oily skin, along with the reality of what you can do to improve your complexion and take a step nearer to clearer, calmer skin.

Myth 1: Mineral Oils are good for you

In reality, your skin cannot absorb mineral oils, as the molecules are too large – so it will sit on the surface layer of your skin, making it feel and look… oily or greasy.

Myth 2: Don’t use oil on oily skins

ALL skin types need fat and oil – INCLUDING oily skin. The secret is to use drier thin oils, so look for facial serums that contain:

  • Thistle – which is great for large pores
  • Rosehip – for its scar-healing properties
  • Evening Primrose Oil – as this is easily absorbed by the skin.

Rose oil for oily skinMyth 3: You need a strong toner for oily skin.

Women with oily skin tend to believe they need a strong toner to rid their skin of oil – and leave it feeling taut and smooth. In reality though, this tight tingly feeling is a direct result of irritation and dryness!

Oily skin can still be sensitive, so look to use these natural oils:

  • Jojoba – a cleansing long, soft oil that forms a protective layer over your skin. Combine it with…
  • Castor oil – a soft short oil for cleansing and illuminating your skin – rather than using harsh chemical soaps.
  • A Combination of hydrosols will make a good mild toner.

Finally, as with any complexion, you cannot beat the use of the right type of ingredients for your skin type – and the best ones for your skin are both natural and organic. So follow the reality of these three myths and you’ll be on your way to clearer, calmer and less oily skin.

How do you manage your oily skin? What myth most surprised you and what one step will you take to change this? Why not share your tips and advice in the comments section – just click on “comment” at the top of this post!


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  1. Tambu Kahari
    Tambu Kahari says:

    My dermatologist told me when I was 27 and I had horrible pimples, which I am sure you remember Rumbi that I was very lucky to have such oily skin and should live with the pimples because when I am older, I shall look younger than I actually am. She said that was because my skin was protected by the oil. I am now 43 going on 44 and people believe I am 28! I constantly have to tell them I am older. So, my dermatologist was right. In my case. I love my oily skin. It is still oily, but unfortunately not as much as it used to be when I was younger. So, my skin regiment is adding more oil to it every other day or so. And staying out of the sun. Just thought I would share. I never use anything that removes the oil off my skin. I want to be supportive, so when I recover financially in the next month or so, would you be able to export your product to me in Canada?

    • Rumbi
      Rumbi says:

      Thanks Tambu your dermatologist was right. Vegetable oils and butters are the great best for your skin. 95% of my products are anhydrous (contain no water) and if needed it is a hydrosol. There are oils that re balance your skin and yes you do look 28! Yes I can ship to Canada, I will put the shipping information on the web next week and I would greatly appreciate your custom!!

  2. Yvonne Marimo
    Yvonne Marimo says:

    I have been using your products for just more than a week and can already see the difference. I am absolutely thrilled to have found you and your products. Well done Rumbi for producing such a wide range of affordable skincare products that actually do what they promise. I particularly like the Repair Serum, Day Moisturizer and the Night Revitiliser. My skin already feels soft and smooth. I am glowing with pride. With MIMI’s Organic Skincare products, I may have just discovered the secret to eternal youth.


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