About the founder of Mimi’s Organic Skincare

Mimi’s Organics is a real heart-based business, both in how it’s run and the reasons why it exists. They represent both quality and care in the organic skin care sector, by creating food grade based products that use only natural, organic quality, ethically traded raw materials that are sourced from registered suppliers… who are able to verify the integrity of each ingredient used.

Mimi’s Organics ethical standards continue past initial product creation – with all containers being locally sourced and packaging on all products being ethically sourced and produced too. Mimi’s Organics care about providing cruelty free products – but not just as an end result – but also in the manufacturing and research stages of production.

Mimi’s Organics founder, Rumbi Serima-Fowler knows the importance of providing quality skin care for everyone– regardless of ethnicity or skin type – and the importance of providing effective alternative products to those who are environmentally conscious and wishing to support their ethical ideologies. Before the idea of Mimi Cosmetics was conceived, Rumbi spent 10 years providing computer hardware and software services to corporate clients – including banks, government departments and national institutions – through her own company, whilst living abroad. After moving to the UK in 2002, Rumbi moved into a part time office manager role, whilst raising her two young sons and studying towards her Bachelor of Laws degree (Hons).


Why Organic Skincare is so important

Rumbi’s passion in natural and organic remedies was awoken when her son was diagnosed with autism. Chemicals within various consumer products seemed to have a negative effect on her younger son so, due to her desire to provide better life experiences for him; she began searching for more natural and organic products. The quality and nature of those products though did not always lead to a positive experience – so Rumbi set out to make her own!

Rumbi spent the next fours years retraining to gain her cosmetology qualifications; learning everything needed to successfully run her own business – from natural skincare and anti-wrinkle/skin rejuvenation products, through to Organic Skincare Business skills  – and successfully becoming a  Licensed Skincare Tutor too. Rumbi now also runs workshops, e-courses and Mini introductory formulation classes through her training site Mimi’s Academy.

Using products such as Neem – long known as the most useful medicinal plant in India – avocado, cocoa and shea butters, as well as oils like rosehip, squalane and seabuckthorne, Rumbi worked to create skin care products specifically for all skin types, with ranges to include anti-ageing and sensitive skins… and Mimi’s Organics was born.

Rumbi’s family are her major drive in life – and her passion is to provide organic, natural and beneficial products to the world – at an affordable price.

So if you want to find an ethically produced, affordable skin care range of products – why not search through our online store and see the affordable quality solutions Mimi’s Organics can provide for your skin care regime?