Hand Sanitiser - 75% Alcohol (WHO Formula) 250 ml

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Mimi’s Organics alcohol sanitiser is formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, fragrances or petrochemicals. It reduces 99,9% of germs and risk from bacteria. Alcohol level: 75%

Apply a palmful of alcohol-based handrub and cover all surfaces of the hands.
Rub hands until dry.
Flammable: keep away from flame and heat.
• Date of production 21/03/20
• Batch #: 032020/1
• Composition:  isopropanol 99.9%, glycerol and hydrogen peroxide 3%
• WHO-recommended handrub formulation
• For external use only
• Avoid contact with eyes
• Keep out of reach of children

Government & Health Organisations are recommending 65%+ sanitising substances during the current outbreak.

WHO recommends alcohol-based hand rubs based on the following factors:

  1. evidence-based, intrinsic advantages of fast-acting and broad-spectrum microbicidal activity with a minimal risk of generating resistance to antimicrobial agents;
  2. suitability for use in resource-limited or remote areas with lack of accessibility to sinks or other facilities for hand hygiene (including clean water, towels, etc.);
  3. capacity to promote improved compliance with hand hygiene by making the process faster and more convenient;

With regard to skin reactions, handrubbing with alcohol-based products is better tolerated than handwashing with soap and water

According to Dr. Trish Perl, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, the effective way to fight the outbreak is ensuring your hands are clean.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA) recommends using products that contain between 60% and 95% alcohol.

Mimi’s Organics Alcohol Sanitiser meets these standards with an effective alcohol concentration at 75%.

75% alcohol sanitiser is manufactured using isopropyl alcohol (with a purity of 99.8%)combined with natural aloe gel. Unlike other sanitisers, Mimi’s Organics sanitiser contains no parabens, sulfates, phthalates,  or petrochemicals and is made with alcohol to improve hygiene and contains antimicrobial effect.

Proven effectiveness

Mimi’s Hand Sanitiser ingredients kill 99.9% of germs quickly and effectively. Alcohol-based sanitisers can quickly reduce the number of microbes.

According to the recommendations by the World Health Organization one of the main ways to protect yourself from diseases is to wash your hands with alcohol-based products.

A non-sticky formula for comfort and cleanliness,  Mimi’s Hand  sanitiser feels pleasant, leaves hands smooth and absorbs quickly.

Concentrated performance

Having a sufficient amount of products to ensure the maximum cleanness of your hands and surrounding surfaces guarantees the lowest possible risk of getting infected by the surrounding elements.