Dry, Flakey, Ashy Skin?

Dry skin is a major source of concern for most women at some point in life and often manifests as uneven complexion especially in darker skin tones.

As our skin is continually being renewed, excess layers of dead skin can build up causing the skin to look dull and off colour. This is where scrubbing comes into play. Exfoliation is a key component to bright clear skin as it helps to naturally eliminate the build up of layers of dry skin which sometimes gives the appearance of blemishes.

Scrubbing also helps increase blood circulation which boosts cell reproduction, generally benefiting the skin. This helps alleviate the appearance of uneven skin tone caused by acne and speeds up healing time for scars, reducing  skin discoloration which can  lead to pigmentation.

Poor blood circulation potentially deprives the skin of nutrients, causing dark circles around the eyes a result of a slow down in collagen production and also promotes the appearance of wrinkles.

A basic skincare routine for both face and body, that includes scrubbing helps exfoliate the dry skin to reveal a smoother, beautiful skin. It is important simple to accomplish a regular exfoliating regime

There are many safe ingredients that help exfoliate dry skin like kernels, sugars and salts. With anti-inflammatory properties make them suitable for most skin types even the most sensitive that would react badly to other forms of scrubs. They are excellent for acne and eczema also oily skin and can easily be used as a homemade scrub.

An effective facial scrub may contain up to 3 main active ingredients like apricot kernels, jojoba exfoliating grains and loofah flakes topped off with antibacterial essential oils.