Summer Skincare

With bouts of intense heat waves summer skincare becomes very important. I had a chance to concentrate on my Summer skincare this week! On Thursday I packed my son off for an overnight excursion at a local manor house. It is now used for respite stay for children with special needs.

An annual highlight which he loves. A double win of sorts because we also get to do what seems crazy and fun to us. Things like safely leaving the washing up liquid on the window sill in the kitchen!

Also not having to bag all my toiletries in case my son decides he needs to ‘clean up’. Usually this involves emptying all containers of contents, rinsing and drying them before returning to original positions. He loves water!

I used this ‘free’ time for a deep pamper. Mainly working to repair the result of the dehydration I suffered during the past couple of weeks due to the heat wave we experienced here in the UK.

I am taking a pincer approach…treating my skin outwardly and enhancing its beauty from within. I am on a mega #rehydration drive, (which ought to be a daily routine always). I underestimated my required intake, despite trying my absolute best to drink as much water as possible!
I know it was not enough because of the dry state of my facial skin. It is apparent how the skin can suffer severely within a short space of time.

The situation in remedial terms is easy today further aided by the fact that I can and have set up my normal hydration ‘station’ comprising of a jug of ginger and lemon peel gratings in filtered water, with floating lemon segments and cucumber slices and mint leaves. I also have another jug with green and peppermint tea infused with rosemary, and good old plain bottled water.

Please forgive my excitement at the ability to freely exhibit my ‘wares’ because whilst I already miss my ‘baby’, his absence even if just overnight means that I do not have to ‘hide’ my painstakingly assembled beverages of the day in the fridge in the vegetable tray or behind tall boxes of milk and other things that ‘live’ in the fridge. They are first in Matthew’s firing line and mostly save my concoctions because I usually rescue them just in time!!

Bless him!

More to the point the best way to help rejuvenate your skin as part of summer skincare is to use a serum. Serums are a concentration of high performance ingredients that are immediately and easily absorbed by the skin.
Normal facial skin creams contain possibly 5% to 10% active ingredients whilst serums can contain up to 70% actives.

Serums are either water or oil based but either way they make for a ‘lighter’ experience as they are quickly absorbed into the skin which is preferable especially during the warmer sometimes hot and humid weather.

You only need a few drops as little as five because you do not want to waste the golden or sometimes pearly looking skin food. This eliminates the need for multiple products because of the high nutrient value of serum, thus reducing your costs.

A little goes a long way….30 ml can easily last for up to a couple months if used correctly.

Try our Mimi’s Rejuvenating Serum if you have not already done so and you will never want to be without it!

To your health and beauty

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