Uneven Skin Tone

Dry skin is one of the major sources of concern for us all at some point.

The epidermis (from the Greek epi, on top and derma, the skin) is the skin’s outer structure serving a protective function. What we see is the final result of keratinisation

Keratinocytes are the main cell type of the epidermis, performing a number of major functions including production of the structural protein keratin. They are formed at the basal layer just above the dermis and are metabolically active cells.

As they advance up through the dermis keratinocytes change into corneocytes which eventually end up at the outmost layer as flattened cells making up the epidermis. They are shed in the normal epidermal turnover. This process in the last stage of a 4 to 6 week journey. Which is why  it takes about 6 weeks to visibly the effects of a new product on your skin.

As our skin is continually being renewed excess layers of dead skin can build up causing the skin to look dull and ashy. This is where Exfoliation comes into play. Exfoliation is a key component to bright clear skin as it helps to naturally eliminate the accumulation of thick layers of dry skin which sometimes has the appearance of blemishes.

Darker skin tones take longer to heal and the effects of any surface trauma usually takes a long time to disappear too. Some of the chemicals and harmful ingredients that can result in skin damage include the long term use of steroid-based other toxic creams i.e. hydroquinone, mercury, monobenzene. This can be a worrying and stressful problem. Hyperpigmentation, dark marks, changes skin structure and thin/fragile skin are often the result.

Our amazing skin is as resilient as any of our other organs and with patience, nurture, nutrition in the proper environment can respond to help reverse the damage and its original health can be restored.

Diet and lifestyle play a major role in helping your skin’s healing process from the bottom up so you need to eat as clean as you can.

To support skin healing from the bottom-up, the first thing you can do is clean up your diet and lifestyle as much as possible.

You must include more raw fruits and vegetable juices to your diet. This is a topic I am addressing with my Juicing Challenge which you can enter here. The aim of the challenge is to explore the benefits of an alkaline diet which incorporates a combination of raw fruit and vegetable to make your juices / smoothies. We will also be looking at the internal and external health benefits offered by the ingredients.

An alkaline diet will heal skin from the bottom up or inside out

The second way to improve the skin’s condition is to apply healing oils that penetrate your skin on a daily basis, like cold pressed olive oil, cold pressed castor oil and extra virgin coconut oil.

Try combination of an oil serum daily combined with a nourishing cream. These will work well together because the serum is quickly absorbed whilst the cream has a longer lasting effect.

Look for the following ingredients in any good effective cleansing oil:

Castor Oil

Almond Oil

Jojoba Oil

The method for using Cleansing Oil Apply this blend to the skin and wipe the area with warm muslin cloth or face cloth to remove the oil. The cleansing oil will remove the dirt from your skin.

You can try the following for cleansing and repairing the skin.

Daily Cleansing Oil,  Rejuvenating-repair-serumReviving Face Oil

You can also sign up for my juicing challenge